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Learning throughout lockdown...

Updated: Mar 30

This blog entry's photo is getting there. It's nice to keep a record of where we start and where we finish in learning and attributing to our achievements and our self development as well as for the company's forward thinking. This was my first ever Meat Feast (don't worry it looks EVEN better later!) Researching suppliers for quality, fresh ingredients, setting up various accounts, sourcing just the right dough and then not to mention how to store it, work with it and STRETCH IT! - So much fun, keeping busy during lockdown with research and development along with a wee-bit of a fresh look at the restaurant premises! Dad's been very busy doing DIY improvements and some major changes to make us fresh and exciting! Mum's been a great support in planning and organising workmen for the bigger jobs. Even though we've been closed, there has been so much to do! Check out the floor to the premises when you visit us @ the "UN-LOCKDOWN"!

Papa Wells - in action! - He loves his painting ;)

Installation of a new counter in section 1 of the restaurant floor. Big THANK YOU to Tim Philips, the carpenter:

Pizza oven installed - electrical set up for a phase 3 plug complete and the best bit - it turns on!! So excited to use this beauty!

Pizza peels with holes - to let the moisture escape the base of the pizza, for that crisp - just perfect - base!

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