• Kirsty Wells

Dough Stretching - it can only get better!

Updated: Mar 30

Now what mix of flour to use???...... the flour trials begin! :)

We started with the 210g Sourdough dough ball but we were struggling to get the 12" size... However it was great practise. Start small and build confidence, learn what works for you and what doesn't. We tried a 100% semolina flour but the pizza burns too quickly and it's a bit too sweet on those crusts. So the 50/50 white flour and semolina flour - is our best choice in our trial cook offs. Just the right amount of sweetness, less flammable in the pizza oven and makes the dough easier to work with. Especially when getting it from work surface on to the pizza peel (paddle) - boy, oh boy is that a skill that took a while!!! :) But we got there - "practise makes better" every time!

Too thin a base middle but trying to get the size:

Need a more ROUND dough base that fills the slotted pizza peel as it then shrinks about 1/2 an inch in the oven:

Testing the Base Setting on the oven - which works best. Every pizza oven is different - every companies' dough cooks different (different % of ingredients and it affects the cooking time) - Getting there:

Cooking in the oven - at what point do we rotate it, to colour all sides. It's really fun to watch as it cooks so quickly!

Then it's a question of trying to fill the box - as what you stretch and put into the oven, isn't what size and shape comes out! Now I need to work on my "whipping off the table cloth" technique! :) You remember that scene in the old days, the waiter's trick of setting up the dining table with all the glassware, cutlery and plates etc - all laid up, on top of a table cloth - and then the waiter whips the table cloth off leaving all the table setting totally in place?!... Well that's it - hard to perfect - but we got there! (with lots of practise!)

Improvement obviously still needed - but I don't mind - I ate them all! ;) So delicious!!! But not perfect yet...

This was my 4th ever pizza try:

Not bad right! With Wiltshire LOCAL ingredients for 3 of the CHEESES on our Ceri's Big Wiltshire Cheeses (our 4 cheese pizza!). Ceri, she's the dairy farmer, and she's been wonderful in helping us select our pizza cheeses that work best for such high cooking temperatures. So our final decision on the cheeses that go on our "4 cheese" pizza is 1) Gallipot Eyes - a hard cheese - almost like a very, very mature cheddar BUT just far superior! 2) Wiltshire Loaf - a very traditional, 'old school' cheese, only ever made in Wiltshire hundred's of years ago, so adds a historical aspect to our unique pizza!. This is a hard cheese which is surprisingly creamy once cooked. 3) The Brinkworth Blue - similar to those that know and love a great bit of 'Stilton' - absolutely out of this world!! And finally the Italian go to... Mozzarella = 4 cheeses = Ceri's Big Wiltshire Cheeses! I have a few favourites but I have to say to all those Cheese & Biscuit Lovers out there, this is definitely the ONE FOR YOU! And the special Italian tomato sauce as a base honestly set's this pizza right off! Pure Happiness!!!