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Updated: Mar 30

Well, what a twelve months it’s been for our customers and the entire hospitality trade. ‘’Three weeks to flatten the curve’’ has morphed into a business environment of paralysing uncertainty especially for small independent hospitality venues such as our own Haven restaurant.

The last existential threat to our business was only in 2018 when Salisbury businesses took a massive hit from the Novichok attack fallout. We had not long, in business terms, recovered from that to be confronted with months of Covid closures.

Businesses that survive are not sustained by standing still even when closed by government so while we can, we have been busy improving and expanding what The Haven has to offer both food and beverage wise but along with the whole feel of the place. The warm atmosphere and the sense we care, whether you enjoy your visit enough to want to return, will never be missing however the carpet has gone and replaced with stylish hard flooring. Also new exterior lighting and car park lights have been installed for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening opening and a new Pizza counter complements the other interior changes.

No doubt the Sunshine and Super Sunshine English breakfast is what we are renowned for up to now but now add a selection of delicious freshly cooked to order, hand stretched, Sourdough Pizzas into the mix. Don’t worry the breakfasts and lunches remain, but now you can combine the two by ordering the Super Sunshine Pizza! Yes you heard it right, an English breakfast on a Pizza served with a fried egg centre piece. I think I put 4 kilos on just in testing ingredients and cooking times…..no LOL. I am excited about all the pizza offerings but I guess the Sunshine breakfast holds a special place at The Haven so it’s great that we can combine the two in such a delicious way.

It never properly dawned on me that the word hospitality means to literally take care of people and to think of their needs and why we use the word hospital to describe a place of healing. Serving you with a plate or glass of what you fancy may not be healing in everyone’s eyes but it will sure feel like it when we resume service.

We hope you like the new look!

Here's me trialling my first Ceri's White Wiltshire Forest (a.k.a. the Pizza Bianco - with a white sauce instead of a tomato base. Not bad for my first attempt) - check out the rest of this blog to see my progress as I learn, research, read and watch loads of pizza educational Italian videos!

Pizza oven installed and looking good! 181 KG!!!!!! Took a team of strong men to lift into position!!

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