• Kirsty Wells

Well what a month it’s been!

It’s been a learning curve but a positive one. Bit of a slow start to be honest but we are building our pizza multi-tasking confidence and growing organically. We are chuffed to bits though that EVERY single pizza we have served (takeaway or sat outside) has had the best compliments which is fantastic to receive. It’s been amazing to get such glowing praise and we have some pizza regulars already!

Thank you so much to those who have come out and supported us.

Here’s a few photos of what we’ve produced this month.

The most popular one so far is our Meat Feast, followed by the Pepperoni Paradise and then our Vegan BBQ and Veggie Creations! We’ve done quite a few Gluten Conscious Forages too (bottom left image)! It’s been a pleasure to be creative in the kitchen and each pizza we produce is individual - it’s like creating a master piece! We are proud of our progress to this point and hope to get even busier from now onwards! People can now sit inside!!! So this will be helpful on those rainy days, where we’ve previously been very quiet. Word of mouth is spreading and we are trying to engage and learn on social media platforms too… You can now follow The Haven on Instagram (@havensalisbury) and Twitter (@HavenSalisbury) as well as good old Facebook too. Our profile is rising with younger generations and we are slowly seeing more footfall thanks to my little brother’s Twitter post last week to help us survive. So onwards and upwards! We hope to see you soon! What pizza will you try this week?! :)

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